Settlement Administrator

The Court has appointed the Angeion Group as the Settlement Administrator. Among other things, the Settlement Administrator is responsible for providing this Notice of the Settlement and processing Claim Forms. You can contact the Settlement Administrator using the information below:

PrimoHoagies Data Breach Class Action Settlement
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 877-844-8211

Class Counsel

The Court has appointed the lawyers listed below to represent the Settlement Class in this Action (“Class Counsel”). You can contact Class Counsel using the information below:

Christian Levis
Anthony M. Christina
Amanda G. Fiorilla
44 South Broadway, Suite 1100
White Plains, NY 10601
Telephone: (914) 733-7221

If you want to be represented by your own lawyer, you may hire one at your own expense

Important Dates

Exclusion Deadline
Objection Deadline
Claim Deadline
Fairness Hearing